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Healthcare Staffing has always been one of the most pressing problems facing the medical industry. Today however, the boundaries of our healthcare staffing systems are being tested to their limit on a daily basis. With a massively aging population and a professional pool of practitioners whose desire for flexible work schedules and more free time limit their involvement, it is no wonder companies reach out in all directions to fill their staffing needs. It’s not that medical organizations can’t fill their staffing needs, they can, but filling that need with highly qualified professionals is becoming increasingly difficult. To do the most effective job at staffing, medical companies really need to use the services of a specialist staffing organization with a nationwide reach that is highly experienced and well versed in filling any position while matching the right person to the right job, with speed and efficiency.

AMS, Angel Medical Staff, is that specialist organization. It provides highly qualified supplemental healthcare professionals to medical companies of every size, shape and description. Clients know that AMS’ wide network of certified and licensed medical professionals can always be counted onto rapidly fill any supplemental staffing needs.

AMS feels that it is a dedicated and responsible “partner in business” with every client, and prides itself on the knowledge that it can deliver to them all the benefits of its well trained, experienced, and professional staff on a temporary or permanent basis as needed.

The other issue is economy. AMS delivers value and cost efficiency to all its healthcare clients, providingthe most competitive pricing structure in regards to the “quality of services provided” to be found anywhere in today’s competitive market. AMS can do this because it is rapidly growing into one of the major providers of supplemental healthcare professionals in the nation.

When you deal with AMS you get the best available staff, because you deal with the best available company.

AMS, putting client’s needs first.

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“My experience with AMS can be summed up in one word, terrific!” Reese G.