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The value of any medical company lays in its ability to maintain and improve upon a recognized professional standard that can be validated as “High Quality Service”. AMS is fully committed to establishing a higher standard in the Healthcare Staffing Industry while constantly improving in every area of service we provide. This is achieved through vigilance and a constant evaluation of both ourselves and the high-quality healthcare professionals we supply to our clients.

At AMS, we demand continual improvement. It is the cornerstone of our goal:

“To Provide Exceptional Service For Every Assignment”

We entertain no comparisons, no pre-conceived standards, and no acceptable values; instead we strive to set new and higher levels of quality. In this regard, we listen, query, survey, and visit our clients on a regular basis.

Furthermore, we only employ healthcare professionals who have a high level of experience, expertise, and training in the latest techniques, and then, we monitor them for their ability to provide our clients with the best possible care. They are thoroughly screened and evaluated before being considered for employment and placement, then they are matched precisely to every client and need.

Here are a few of our minimum requirements:

Education: Must have valid educational credentials and all necessary certifications

Employment: All of our healthcare professionals must have at least one full-uninterrupted year of experience in their area of clinical specialty.

References: We require both written and verbal references that reflect the individual’s clinical and professional performance within the last calendar year. Additionally, references must be rated “Standard” or “Above Standard” and have been updated a minimum of every six months.

Skill Checklist: The industry’s only dual-rating scale skills assessment, it enables clients to review an individual’s experience as well as their frequency of use of specific procedures.

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“My experience with AMS can be summed up in one word, terrific!” Reese G.