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Today, every medical facility, no matter its size, is currently struggling to meet a unique set of healthcare staffing goals. AMS is designed to help your healthcare facilities overcome this challenge with speed, efficiency, and economy.

To meet your specific qualifications, AMS maintains a nationwide network of highly qualified healthcare professionals to draw from. This allows us to take the pressure off you, by staffing those hard-to-fill scheduling situations that arise daily.

Our process is relatively easy. Through a simple form and an exploratory telephone conversation, or with direct meetings when needed, we ascertain your exact requirements and then selectively match and place the best possible healthcare professional within your facility. The burden becomes ours, not yours, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Below you’ll find the simplified form we use, please take a minute to fill it out and send it back to us. You will be contacted within 24 hours by one of our healthcare staffing specialists.

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Physician Assistant
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“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AMS’ staffing services to any company” Robin L.

They made this our easiest staffing experience ever!”
Yvette H.